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Gatimtoken安卓版下载appe.imtoken安卓版下载appio Live imtoken安卓版下载appstimtoken安卓版下载appReam has been deeply loved and supported by the majority of users since it was launched! In order to better meet more users ' multilingual requirements, we are starting with two English streams while unlocking more benefits.

The official account imtoken安卓版下载app"Gateio Live" will release red packages from Monday to Friday during the streams. The amount and time of each red package are randomly generated.

Join us as a viewer, a commenter, or even a streamer.

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Activity Duration:

August 15, 2022 - September 9, 2022(Monday to Friday)

Activity Rules:

In order to improve users' interaction experience during streams and provide a higher quality service, Gate.io Live Stream will launch different intriguing interactions with Gate.io official account "Gateio Live" from Monday to Friday. Users who participate in the interaction will have the opportunity to obtain big rewards. After the event, the official account "Gateio Live" will announce the winners and release red packages.

Subscribe to Gate.io Live Stream, Enjoy Surprises Everyday!

Subscribe to Gate.io Live Stream, Enjoy Surprises Everyday!

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